Online Member Tools

It is crucial for today’s association to integrate online applications into their existing offline infrastructure. By doing so, your association can dramatically increase the level of service offered to your members. The AMSoft Member Services module has been developed to do just that. Our experienced team will ensure that the transition between our online modules and your online presence is seamless and easy.

Member Profile

Members can view and update their personal information online. Members can access their addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and more through a secure ‘Members Only’ section of your web site.

Event Registration

Online Event Registration allows your members to register for any meeting, conference, or event via your web site. Members can select which events or sessions they wish to participate in and even book their own hotel rooms.

Membership Payment

Members can use their credit cards to securely pay their dues online.
Empower your members and increase your service level with these fully integrated online tools.