This module tracks unlimited addresses, telephone numbers and areas of interests for each contact. Contacts can be individuals or corporations and links between the two can be easily defined and indentified.

The Contacts module also manages e-mail addresses and is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Groupwise. Users can generate individual and bulk e-mails from this module.

Module Highlights
  • Store names phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, and more
  • Track preferred method of communication
  • Define relationships between contacts
  • ‘Stop all Mail’ option
  • View Accounts Receivable and specific invoices
  • Keep a Transaction Log of all activities of a contact
  • Include notes using the built in notepad
  • Set reminders
  • View address history
The Contacts module is the foundation of AMSoft and the most efficient way to centralize and organize the contacts of the association.