The Certification module is an extension of the Contacts module. This tool assists in the management of the association’s certification process. Once the courses or exams have been established for the applicant, the curriculum is downloaded or entered into the Certification module. The end user can then gain access to this area and complete the required training or process. In general, associations usually have a certification process that is unique to them. If the Certification module does not match your particular needs, we will modify the software to meet any special requirement.

Module Highlights
  • Maintain list of all courses and exams required for certification
  • For each course or exam, maintain the following:
    - application status
    - exam center
    - marks
    - fees including appropriate taxes
    - receipt information
  • Easy to use reports providing applicant status
  • Ad hoc reports available with Report Writer
Easily manage and monitor the unique certification process of your association.