Industry Solutions

At Minasu, we understand that every membership-based organization has very different and very unique needs. Through years of experience we have been able to determine what features of our products are most suitable to specific industries.
If you require a customized solution, please contact us.

Associations and Membership-based Organizations

From managing contact information to planning events, our software products cover every aspect of association organization and management.

Not For Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations face unique managerial challenges and rely heavily on accurate information. Our products are easy to use and streamline accuracy and control.

Faith Based Associations

Members of faith based associations are key to its growth and reach. Our unique software solutions will help you connect with your members in a more efficient and effective way.


Managing dues and keeping accurate member information are just a few of the challenges facing union information management. Our integrated products assist in the collection and organization of this important data.

Professional Societies

Professional societies often have extensive reach and complex databases. Our software solutions provide a way to accurately organize and maintain this information.

Regulatory Bodies

Organization, control, and accuracy are vital to the handling of regulatory information. Minasu products offer complete and comprehensive managerial control for regulatory bodies.