Welcome to Minasu, providing association management solutions for over 30 years Effective management systems based on the needs of your association Specialized technology to help manage information and streamline workflow Exceptional services from highly experienced professionals Courteous support to assist in planning, implementation, and future growth

For over 30 years, Minasu has been developing information management software for professional associations, trade unions, nonprofit groups, and other membership-based organizations. Based on our mission to deliver intuitive software solutions with unparalleled customer service, Minasu has established itself as an industry leader.

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AMSoft is association management software and the heart of Minasu. It is a complete and comprehensive software suite designed to meet the needs of associations, unions and nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Choose from a wide variety of software management solutions, specficically tailored for your association.

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Our exceptional support and highly experienced development team is here to help. We recognize individual needs and understand the challenges and opportunities in our industry.

If you are a seasoned professional or just starting with association management software, contact us to discover the solution that is right for you.

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